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How to Apply

Read the Application Information and Terms of Adoption on on this page carefully. The application requires you to confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Adoption, and that you understand there is a minimum $400.00 adoption donation for all dogs, with the exception of senior dogs. Then you may click the "Continue to Application" button at the bottom of this page to fill out the form.


Application Information

Please fill out this application completely. The application is designed to help us determine if the adoption is in the animal's best interest, and to assist the potential adopter in finding an animal most compatible with his/her lifestyle.


By submitting this application, you are making a formal request to adopt a dog from BERNER Inc. All applicants are screened thoroughly and must meet certain qualifications before being approved. Please do not submit this application if you are not serious about working with us. Filling out an application does not guarantee adoption. Many rescued Bernese Mountain Dogs have special needs and some homes simply are not suitable for a typical rescue dog.


Approved applications are held until there is a potential dog available for adoption and then move forward to the reference and visitation steps of the process. We do not transport dogs for adoption and generally prefer that they be placed in the New England area.


Please note that we rarely have Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, so if you want a puppy or a very young dog, the wait could be lengthy. We will keep your application on file at your request for six months. The information contained in this application is for the express use of BERNER Inc. and may not be forwarded in whole or in part, for use by any other organization or individual, without express permission of BERNER Inc.


In order to be considered for an adoption, you must be at least 18 years of age, have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household, have verifiable identification, have landlord's consent to adoption if you are a renter and understand that BERNER Inc. has the right to deny your application.

Terms of Adoption

  1. Fee: The fee involved is to help to cover the rescue expenses. Charges to the new owner will be a minimum donation of $500, with additional charges to be determined on a case by case basis. A complete physical is given as well as the required rabies shot. Dogs over the age of seven are placed as seniors, for a minimum fee of $50.

  2. AKC Papers: If AKC registration papers are available for the rescue dog, they will be given to the new owner.

  3. Return policy: If for any reason, the adoption is not found to be satisfactory for the rescue dog or the family, BERNER Inc. requires that the dog be returned. The rescue dog MUST NOT be sold or given away, but returned to BERNER Inc. if for any reason the adoption is unsatisfactory for the adopting family. If the dog is returned within 14 days of adoption, a full refund of the adoption fee will be given. After 14 days, no portion of the fee will be returned. Furthermore, BERNER Inc. reserves the right to take back any rescue dog that is being neglected or not properly cared for.

  4. Agreement: The foster/adoptive owner must complete and submit the BERNER Inc.. Adoption Agreement.

  5. License: The rescue dog must be licensed in accordance with existing laws in your town and rabies vaccine must be kept current.

  6. Care: The adopting family agrees to provide adequate shelter, food, all necessary medical care, and agrees that their rescue dog will not be allowed to run free without proper supervision. Failure to do so may result in the dog being returned to BERNER Inc.


We recommend that you follow a regular inoculation program as established by your veterinarian. Your dog will have received all necessary inoculations, but will need rabies boosters as mandated by state law, and other boosters as deemed necessary by you and your veterinarian.


Your dog MUST have an annual test for heartworm and your veterinarian will recommend a heartworm preventative program for your dog.

Adoptive Home Application

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