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Bernese Puppies for Sale. How Much? When?

These are the first two questions a puppy buyer asks a Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner) breeder but a few additional questions (provided you get the right answers) will greatly increase the chances of finding a healthy Berner puppy. Not interested in a "show dog"? Well, a "pet quality dog" should be just as sound in health and temperament as a show dog. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Here is a quick and easy tool to help you locate a Berner puppy with the best chance of growing to be a healthy, happy member of your family.

Answers to the questions in this section should all be "Yes"!

Does the breeder own the mother and is she on site and available to be seen?

Are both the parents registered with the AKC?

Have both parents been evaluated (after the age 18 months) by a recognized registry for hip and elbow clearances? Request copies of the evaluations; don't just accept a verbal response.

Have both parents had eye exams and been tested for vonWillibrands Disease? Request to see copies of the results.

Will the breeder provide you with copies of the pedigrees for both parents - prior to signing a contract?

Will the breeder provide you with a copy of the contract prior to signing it?

Does the contract state that the breeder will take the dog at any time during his/her life if you should be unable to keep the dog for any reason?

Is the breeder involved in any dog sport - dog clubs, conformation, obedience, agility, draft, etc?

Answers to the questions in this section should all be "No"!

Does the breeder accept credit cards or Paypal? 

Will the breeder ship the puppy to you without having met you? 

Does the breeder sell dogs for different prices (i.e. females cost more than males or "show puppies" cost more than "pet puppies")?   

Is the mother or father extremely shy?   

Does the breeder sell more than one breed of dogs?

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